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Welcome to my website. Here is a quick guide to help you find your way around my site (and my work):  To learn more about me, go here > About Me To find out about my books, check out > Books To listen to my weekly podcast about improving your mind, go here > Better Mindset Show To get a daily quick dose of mind (and life) improvement tips, hacks, and insights, click here > Better Mind Daily newsletter To get additional tips and insights, join my Facebook page Scroll down for yet more information about me, and my work.  I look forward you seeing you around, and hope that you will enjoy and benefit from them (namely from the podcast, books, and newsletter).  One last point before I end this note: life is short so be smart, think before you act, have fun, and most importantly... Think better to upgrade your life. Your biggest cheerleader, Salek P.S. Have you seen my latest book yet? If not, check it out here > Better Mindset - 15 Rules for a Better Mind and Better Life