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[Daily] Better Mind Daily

The Better Mind Daily is a daily shot of tips, hacks and insights delivered right to your inbox. They will help you improve your mind (and life), all in just a few minutes a daily.  You can register for it here >  Better Mind Daily . Want more details?  Read on... Here’s what you can expect: One email a day, with an insight, tip and/or hack that will help you improve your mind Short and sweet emails, so that you don’t need to spend a ton of time reading these emails Straightforward, no BS information Honest insights, and even hard questions that will help you cut through the clutter and misconceptions out there Emails that will make you think… Who is this newsletter for:  Anyone interested in personal growth Anyone interested in improving their life And most importantly, anyone who is not afraid of asking the hard questions Long story short, if you are open-minded, curious, smart and want to improve your mind (and life), this daily newsletter is for you. On that note, I know you get