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[Books] Three books & more

I've been writing for some time now, and have written several books. But to get you started,  here are 3 of my books that you might find useful to begin with (full list below): Better Mindset: 15 Rules for a Better Mind, and Better Life - There are very few things you can do in life and very few areas where minor adjustments can lead to major changes and major improvements more than making small changes in your mindset. Mindset is the critical leverage point that can completely transform one's life. This is why the best of the best always talk about mindset and how you think, and train their minds consistently, without fail. The people who reach the top work on their mind all the time because they know just how much it matters. And it matters, a LOT. Even the smallest improvements and adjustments in your mindset can help you experience big benefits and major improvements in your life, and that is what this book will help you to do. Get your copy here . Radical Productivity: Ma